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Ocean Gem

Ocean Gem Cavaliers is a small Hobby Breeder of fully Health Tested Cavaliers. We raise our puppies in a stimulating and enriching environment .We have imported many fabulous pedigrees to enhance the strength of this Breeding Program.

As experienced Breeders, trainers, competitive dog show enthusiasts and Veterinary Professionals, we aim for excellence in all that we do.


Ocean Gem Cavaliers welcomed many Beautiful Cavalier King Charles Puppies born June 22,2022 from Fully Health Tested Parents !

3 Tri and 3 Blenheim

2 Girls and 4 boys

Why we became a Cavalier family .

over the last decade and a half we became very well known as advocates and a highly show competitive breeder/owners of Black Russian Terriers. Because of a very public life with such a large and powerful rare working breed, many often ask us why we chose to add Cavalier King Charles to our lives.  

While dating my husband Richard, I met my first Cavalier and my mind never forgot that beautiful sweet tri color girl. The Cavaliers are known for their big hearts and love for all people and creatures alike, which is a needed change from the highly protective and aloof mannerisms of our beloved Black Russians. We are moving away from a competitive world and these very social spaniels will help us move into the more relaxed lifestyle going forward.

website under construction 

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